Monday, February 11, 2008


Here it is, four days before my publication date. Things are going great. The New York Times did an unbelievable story about me--- the great Joyce Wadler wrote it for the Home & Garden section, and I must admit that she really got me, AP wrote a really nice review that got picked up by hundreds of papers around the country and in Canada, there have been raves in magazines, from friends, from people I don't even know (all the reviews are on my website,

So, why haven't I slept in two weeks? Am I going to become one of those writers who fret and never feel that they've reached their goal? Please, no. I hate that kind of thing. When I was reviewing books in the late 80's for DETAILS magazine, I listened to writers bitch and moan all the time. Either they were annoyed that other writers were getting more attention than they were, or they thought their editors had screwed with the essence of their book, or they were just miserable drunks who couldn't be happy because a cloud of nastiness and sadness hung over them.

A friend asked me last night when I was going to raise the glass of champagne, and I had a million excuses--- not til the book was out, not til my Amazon number broke ten thousand, not til I knew if it was a "Success."

And she laughed. "Isn't writing it, being honest about your addiction, and getting it published the "success"?

That really made me shut my mouth. Which, if you know me or not, is not the usual thing for me. But it did make me think that if I can't enjoy the journey, I'm screwed. This book is the most liberating thing I could have ever hoped to do. I hid my addiction from everyone I knew, and now they all know. And you know what? No one has turned away from me, no one is mad. My family and friends have embraced me in a way that I could never have imagined.

So here it is, four days before pub date, and I'm doing it--- I'm raising that freaking glass and toasting Hats and Eyeglasses. And I hope you will, too.


Anonymous said...

Good luck at your reading! We'll see you in the city on Wednesday! Give our love to Stevie.

Barbara & Shmuel

Jerry Stevens said...

Loved the New York Times article. The blog is great too. Can't wait to read the book.

Jerry Stevens
Simpsonville, SC