Sunday, July 4, 2010


Last year's Horse 'n' Around Saugerties included the work of 40 or so artist's, and at the auction (the horses spend the summer in saugerties, which is the town next to woodstock, and then get auctioned in september) i started dreaming of designing one of my own. i have never done 3D artwork, but i wondered if there was a medium where words and art could meld together and make sense. This year i talked with my husband, the artist steve heller and the guy who works with him, mike karpf , and they assured me that if i designed something they could make it a reality. i have been working on this new memoir called I KID YOU NOT, about my decision to have my tubes tied when i was 30, and what Woodstock was like in that great little window between the Pill and AIDS. I thought it would look great to decoupage some of the pages onto the fiberglass horse that they supply to artists. so i did design one, it was sponsored by my great friend daisy kramer bolle at as well as cafe tomayo and the partition street wine shop. i was so excited and mike e and i talked it through endlessly. i first printed out some sections in 18 point type, then 16, then 12, and eventually in 7 point. we decided that the words should be very very small, so it was more about style than substance. i vetted it to take out the explicit sex, and mike went to work on it.