Thursday, July 23, 2009

On Turning In My New Book

I just got the letter that all writers dream about--- my editor at Perigee/Penguin loves my new book and is putting it into production. Cue up the Hallelujah chorus. Light candles. Bow down and kiss the ground. That's how happy I am right now.

I will tell you more about the book as it gets closer to publication, but for now, let me say that the best part of having sold two books is realizing that I have another ten in me! When Hats & Eyeglasses got bought by Tarcher/Penguin, I felt this kind of deep-soul sadness.... what was I going to do now? I felt that I had no more stories in me.

I spent five weeks in utter despair.

And then I had an idea for another memoir, and I started jotting some notes. Then my agent had an idea, and that's the one we sold. Then something happened to a kid in my town, and I started writing about that. Then I started writing an erotic tale of a middle-aged couple. Then a mystery. I'm telling you, I am up to here with book ideas.

So now I am going to take a few weeks and bask in the being done feeling, because these last few months have felt like a sprint that would never end. But now they have and I'm so grateful. I want to bask in that glory. And the minute that feeling has passed, I'm going right back to work.